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CIP United Co. and SoC China Co. Ltd. have announced a collaboration

CIP United Co. and SoC China Co. Ltd. have announced a collaboration based on MIPS architecture and CPU cores for the advancement of SoC development capability and the acceleration of IC industry’s growth in China. In addition to establish an incubation center for IC design, this collaborative will also provide SoC related IP licensing and design services for building up a complete IC design eco-system.

According to Tom Cheng, CEO of SoC China, “Through this collaboration with CIP United, we have created an ecosystem with mature MIPS CPU cores and powerful development tools for our own design services as well as the start-up IC design companies that we work with. To date, over 10B MIPS-based chips have shipped with a current run rate of over a billion a year. This feat will strengthen our marketing position. MIPS’s flexibility and configurability will also enable our customers to use one MIPS core for a broad product application spectrum and complexity to maximize their R&D investment. I believe working with CIP United will help us to provide higher quality, more stable and flexible, and easier to develop CPU cores that will increase our customers’ competitiveness and create a win-win proposition”.

CIP United CEO: “I am very glad to be able to form an alliance with SoC China and work together to promote MIPS and expand the RISC/MIPS ecosystem. By leveraging the influence of SoC China in the South China, we believe our market share in Shenzhen will increase rapidly. With the industry's strong demand for multithreading, virtualization, low-power consumption and small chip footprint, RISC/MIPS processor applications and technical support are particularly important. CIP United is confident to join forces with partners in various industries to gradually deepen and mature CPU technology so that China's SoC industry can get relieve itself from of the predicament of being controlled by others and to achieve the goal of autonomous control!

SoC China is based in Shenzhen Nanshan High tech Zone Science Park. Its main business scope includes IC design services and incubation for startup IC design companies. The core team of China's SoC have been engaged in semiconductor industry for more than two decades. Today’s domestic CPU industry have been challenged by a lack of mature, stable, reasonably priced and patent protected IP solutions. As a result, companies are often faced with the prospect of sacrificing a portion of the profits to royalty obligation for foreign companies. In the event of a trade war, technical support cessation, blocked R&D progress, and business development stagnation have become legitimate business risks. In cooperation with CIP United, SoC China will have a mature and stable MIPS architecture, with commercially proven MIPS CPU (with 10-billion-plus shipment to date) to jointly create an independent and controllable China CPU ecosystem that is not dependent on foreign CPUs. This collaboration will improve the quality of domestic SoC products and expand the profitability of domestic IC manufacturers, thereby promoting the long-term development of the China IC design industry. In addition, SoC China will provide guidance to domestic IC design startups in an incubator model by providing low cost development tools, IPs, test equipment, etc. SoC China will also provide various professional courses and outsourcing services such as back-end and software to reduce their financial burden in the early stage of startup and to fill the technical gaps required in the early stage of business development. Additionally, SoC China will actively work with universities to provide professional courses and internship opportunities, so that college students can learn the professional knowledge required to work in technology companies. Lastly, SoC China aims to provide startup companies with

professional and accurate talent pool to help them develop rapidly and achieve a win-win situation.

CIP United, a Shanghai-based company, had acquired the perpetual and exclusive MIPS Technology’s China commercial rights from Wave Computing in late 2018. These rights include architecture, licensing and relicensing MIPS cores, improving and enhancing current cores in new fab process, developing new cores and/or derivatives, and supporting all on-going international projects for China customers. CIP United will also provide technical support and CPU grade SoC platform to reduce integration effort for CPU related IP and shorten the development lifecycle. Besides, CIP United has invested in the development of Chiplet and die bank in an effort to reduce entry barrier of expensive foundry processes, shorten R&D time to better mitigate the risk for new IC development to meet the fast-growing requirements of this evolving market.


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